"Forever Rates"

We started this program in May 2011 because we wanted a way to show our appreciation for customer loyalty. Some Dance Schools offer new customers special deals such as no registration fees or some other discount that they do not offer to customers whose patronage they already have.  We will be continuing this program at this time so it does benefit new and current customers alike. In addition to customer reward we have the hopes of collecting payments due by their due date so we can efficiently operate the dance school.

 The monthly tuition for life program is simple 

( follow steps 1 & 2 to maintain your current monthly rate)

1. Do not be late with any payment more than twice. (on the 3rd late payment your tuition rate reverts to the most current  rate.

 2. Pay for upcoming fall session in full during registration time (May & June until last day of session) (full payment for September during registrations in May or June keeps your rate locked and also locks the spot in your desired class.

 3.  If you do lose your rate, you begin over and can stay locked in to the new applied rate provided you follow steps 1 & 2

 4.  The locked in monthly rate will always be your monthly rate even if you add classes in future sessions or even if you enroll siblings in future sessions, they will also be included into the locked in rate.

 Tuition for life does not apply to NON Dance Classes such as ACRO, ETC or special non prime time rates. ( Specially Priced Baby Rhythm Classes) special 6 or 8 week sessions or summer session.  Customers who joined during specially priced baby rhythm classes will be locked in to the regular rate schedule as of the date they registered provided the policy to maintain the rate is followed.